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Making a Home

It has been said that home is where the heart is, that statement couldn’t be truer for the Taylor Family. This strong family led by a single grandmother raising her three granddaughters has gone through their share of ups and downs over the past few years. Dealing with the death of Ms. Taylor’s mother (the girl’s great grandmother), her only support system, was just the beginning of their problems. Raising three girls ranging in age from 12-15 on her own was going to be a struggle, but it was one that she was determined to do to the best of her ability. Ms. Taylor is a hard worker who had been at her job for 17 years; she had never been in a situation where she needed to ask for assistance.

One of the girls suffers from some severe medical issues. Not long after the death of Ms. Taylor’s mother, that granddaughter was admitted to the hospital with a life threatening illness. This hospital stay spanned a couple of weeks and caused Ms. Taylor to fall behind on her rent and ultimately get evicted. The Taylor family placed their belongings in a storage facility and moved into a rent by the week motel. Here they stayed for over a year until they thought they were ready for stable, permanent housing.

They were referred by a local charity to Southern Affordable Services, Inc. (SAS) for their New Moves Partnership program and immediately SAS began searching for housing. Once an apartment was located Ms. Taylor was on her way to apply when she received a call from school that her granddaughter was being rushed to the hospital. This stay in the hospital led to another couple of weeks in the hospital and they fell behind on the storage facility rent and lost all of their belongings making a bad situation even worse.

Eventually the granddaughter regained her health and was able to return to school and Ms. Taylor was able to return work fulltime. SAS was then able to find a home for them through one of their housing partners, AGPM. Knowing they had lost all of their furniture that was in the storage unit, SAS reached out to another one of their partners, CORT Furniture, who generously donated an entire apartment of furniture for this family. Now instead of worrying where they are going to sleep or what seedy characters may be staying in the motel room next to them, this family’s biggest worry is what sheets to get for their new beds and what to prepare for dinner on their new table. They are finally home!





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