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New Moves Families at Goldenrod Pointe

Southern Affordable Services, Inc.’s New Moves Partnership is proud to partner with Orange County on this special initiative! Please read more below.

Affordable housing helps homeless transition to stability

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400th Family….calling it HOME

Webster’s definition of the word “home” includes a relaxed and comfortable setting, a congenial environment. Unfortunately for many families those words do not describe their home; or at least they didn’t. Let me introduce you to the Diaz family*.

Jennifer Diaz, a mother of two, found out some news that would change her life and would lead to her leaving her husband. Prior to this, they had had the perfect life. Middle income family, didn’t worry about their bills being paid, kids were healthy, strong marriage….or so she thought.

Jennifer immediately packed up and left. They tried living with friends and family, but quickly discovered how difficult it is to live “in someone else’s house”. Her children were struggling with the emotional turmoil of what their father had done, being homeless and watching their mother fall apart. The three of them were sharing a living room in a friend’s house, taking turns sleeping on the sofa. Keeping up with work and school was becoming more and more difficult, but they persevered.

Jennifer decided to seek out counseling for her family to help them through this crisis. It was through that effort she found Aspire Health Partners. Aspire, a partner of SAS and their New Moves Partnership program, quickly identified Jennifer and her family as a perfect fit for the New Moves Partnership rehousing program.

Now Jennifer is in her new apartment home and her children are thriving. Her daughter made the comment the first weekend that it was “so nice to be able to feel safe enough to fall asleep on the couch”. The whole family is excited to unpack their belongings that had been in storage and really make this new apartment a relaxed and comfortable setting with a congenial environment they call home.


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of this family

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Making a Home

It has been said that home is where the heart is, that statement couldn’t be truer for the Taylor Family. This strong family led by a single grandmother raising her three granddaughters has gone through their share of ups and downs over the past few years. Dealing with the death of Ms. Taylor’s mother (the girl’s great grandmother), her only support system, was just the beginning of their problems. Raising three girls ranging in age from 12-15 on her own was going to be a struggle, but it was one that she was determined to do to the best of her ability. Ms. Taylor is a hard worker who had been at her job for 17 years; she had never been in a situation where she needed to ask for assistance.

One of the girls suffers from some severe medical issues. Not long after the death of Ms. Taylor’s mother, that granddaughter was admitted to the hospital with a life threatening illness. This hospital stay spanned a couple of weeks and caused Ms. Taylor to fall behind on her rent and ultimately get evicted. The Taylor family placed their belongings in a storage facility and moved into a rent by the week motel. Here they stayed for over a year until they thought they were ready for stable, permanent housing.

They were referred by a local charity to Southern Affordable Services, Inc. (SAS) for their New Moves Partnership program and immediately SAS began searching for housing. Once an apartment was located Ms. Taylor was on her way to apply when she received a call from school that her granddaughter was being rushed to the hospital. This stay in the hospital led to another couple of weeks in the hospital and they fell behind on the storage facility rent and lost all of their belongings making a bad situation even worse.

Eventually the granddaughter regained her health and was able to return to school and Ms. Taylor was able to return work fulltime. SAS was then able to find a home for them through one of their housing partners, AGPM. Knowing they had lost all of their furniture that was in the storage unit, SAS reached out to another one of their partners, CORT Furniture, who generously donated an entire apartment of furniture for this family. Now instead of worrying where they are going to sleep or what seedy characters may be staying in the motel room next to them, this family’s biggest worry is what sheets to get for their new beds and what to prepare for dinner on their new table. They are finally home!





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Secret Santa

The Southern Affordable Services Secret Santa visited again this year. Filled with joy and generosity, this Secret Santa’s sole mission was to ensure that every child who moved in under the New Moves Partnership Program this year had something to excite them this holiday season. The New Moves Partnership Program allows families such as Angie’s to start over again when life has taken a wrong turn. Angie was the victim of domestic violence and was left homeless with no place to turn when she was referred to Southern Affordable Services (SAS) for their New Moves Program. In partnership with the Department of Children and Families, SAS was able to provide Angie and her children a fresh start and a new home. “Without this program I don’t know where we would have turned,” Angie said. “We couldn’t have asked for more from the New Moves program and now this! Thanks to this gift card my kids will have a tree and presents. I couldn’t be more thankful!” This year SAS’ Secret Santa was able to assist nearly 50 children with their holiday wishes by providing gift cards ranging from $200-$400 for each family. This marks the fifth year of this generous donation for the New Moves families; based on the looks on their faces, we hope it isn’t the last.

SS 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving



Each year Southern Affordable Services, Inc. teams up with DKN Legal to assist a New Moves Partnership family with their Thanksgiving dinner.  Well this this year was even more special, thanks to the generosity of the people at this law firm THREE central Florida families had a turkey dinner with all the fixings for their special day.  These three single mothers would not have been able to provide for their children had it not been for the kindness of the people at DKN Legal.  We appreciate their partnership and bigheartedness for our families.  It is simple gestures such as this that will have a lasting impact on the lives of the New Moves families we serve and most importantly the children we house.  Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!

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Concord Rents Hits $1 Million in Free Rent for Homeless

Concord Rents has just provided its one millionth dollar of free rent to Florida’s homeless population. Over the past four years Concord Rents has partnered with Winter Park-based Southern Affordable Services, Inc., and their New Moves Partnership to help homeless families find permanent housing. Southern Affordable Services, Inc., has partnered with countless charities, social service agencies and the local government to identify the families in need. As a result, over 1,000 people and nearly 400 families have found safe and affordable housing. “I highly encourage other apartment owners and operators to get involved and change the future one family at a time,” says Concord Rents owner Michael Sciarrino.

– See more at: http://www.naahq.org/news/concord-rents-hits-1-million-free-rent-homeless#sthash.QPiI7Yox.dpuf

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1000 People Moved In


April 2015- 1000 is a big number, whether you are referring to money or “likes” on a photo or miles driven, but it is a huge number when referring to housing previously homeless men, woman and children.

Four short years ago Southern Affordable Services, Inc. started their New Moves Partnership in an effort to assist local homeless families who had experienced situational homelessness due to no fault of their own.   Today that program has grown into a successful program that has helped families in six different states.

The family’s stories tell the tale of personal tragedy ranging from domestic abuse to unexpected job loss to extended illness and even death.  The common denominator is that none of these people brought this situation on themselves, something bad happened to them.  Southern Affordable Services, Inc. (SAS) is thrilled to have been a part of helping put the pieces of their lives back together.

A wise man once said that “it is easier to build a child than it is to repair an adult”.  Through the New Moves Partnership we partner with school systems and their Families in Transition programs (FIT).  The FIT program identifies thousands of homeless children that go to school hungry and homeless every day and works with organizations such as SAS to help move those families out of the motels and shelters they are in and into permanent homes.  By providing a stable environment for the children to learn in they are much more likely to graduate high school; go on to college and lead productive lives.

This is just the beginning for Southern Affordable Services and the New Moves Partnership.  1000 individuals in and who knows how many more to come!

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A private donor insures 102 children have presents this Christmas…

It truly is the season of giving!  For the fourth year in row a private donor has provided families of the Southern Affordable Service’s New Moves Partnership program with a very generous gift.  Each of these families received a holiday card from this donor, that they have never met, wishing them a Merry Christmas.  Upon opening the card the families got a surprise they could have never anticipated…..each family received a Wal-Mart gift card ranging from $200-$400 (depending on the size of the family).  Thanks to this private donor 102 children are guaranteed to have a gift to open this holiday season.  It has been said that you have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you, surely this donor knows how to live life to the fullest!  

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Teacher and single mother found herself homeless, see here how SAS helped her get back on her feet

Please view this story about Angela, a teacher and single mother of 2 young children and how she found herself homeless. Angela only needed a little “hand-up” to get back on her feet after she fell on hard times. SAS and their New Moves Partnership were able to offer just that! See how with their help Angela and her family have a place to call home again!

Click the link to view her touching story: LINK HERE

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New Moves Partnership has helped 200 families!!!

As of September 2013 New Moves partnership has sucussfully help 200 families have a place to call home again.

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