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1000 People Moved In


April 2015- 1000 is a big number, whether you are referring to money or “likes” on a photo or miles driven, but it is a huge number when referring to housing previously homeless men, woman and children.

Four short years ago Southern Affordable Services, Inc. started their New Moves Partnership in an effort to assist local homeless families who had experienced situational homelessness due to no fault of their own.   Today that program has grown into a successful program that has helped families in six different states.

The family’s stories tell the tale of personal tragedy ranging from domestic abuse to unexpected job loss to extended illness and even death.  The common denominator is that none of these people brought this situation on themselves, something bad happened to them.  Southern Affordable Services, Inc. (SAS) is thrilled to have been a part of helping put the pieces of their lives back together.

A wise man once said that “it is easier to build a child than it is to repair an adult”.  Through the New Moves Partnership we partner with school systems and their Families in Transition programs (FIT).  The FIT program identifies thousands of homeless children that go to school hungry and homeless every day and works with organizations such as SAS to help move those families out of the motels and shelters they are in and into permanent homes.  By providing a stable environment for the children to learn in they are much more likely to graduate high school; go on to college and lead productive lives.

This is just the beginning for Southern Affordable Services and the New Moves Partnership.  1000 individuals in and who knows how many more to come!

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