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400th Family….calling it HOME

Webster’s definition of the word “home” includes a relaxed and comfortable setting, a congenial environment. Unfortunately for many families those words do not describe their home; or at least they didn’t. Let me introduce you to the Diaz family*.

Jennifer Diaz, a mother of two, found out some news that would change her life and would lead to her leaving her husband. Prior to this, they had had the perfect life. Middle income family, didn’t worry about their bills being paid, kids were healthy, strong marriage….or so she thought.

Jennifer immediately packed up and left. They tried living with friends and family, but quickly discovered how difficult it is to live “in someone else’s house”. Her children were struggling with the emotional turmoil of what their father had done, being homeless and watching their mother fall apart. The three of them were sharing a living room in a friend’s house, taking turns sleeping on the sofa. Keeping up with work and school was becoming more and more difficult, but they persevered.

Jennifer decided to seek out counseling for her family to help them through this crisis. It was through that effort she found Aspire Health Partners. Aspire, a partner of SAS and their New Moves Partnership program, quickly identified Jennifer and her family as a perfect fit for the New Moves Partnership rehousing program.

Now Jennifer is in her new apartment home and her children are thriving. Her daughter made the comment the first weekend that it was “so nice to be able to feel safe enough to fall asleep on the couch”. The whole family is excited to unpack their belongings that had been in storage and really make this new apartment a relaxed and comfortable setting with a congenial environment they call home.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of this family