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$600,000.00 Contributed Rental Assistance

In just 18 short months, Southern Affordable Services along with Concord Management Ltd. have given over $600,000.00  in contributed rental assistance to homeless families throughout Florida.   We are thrilled to have been able to assist nearly 150 families in in their quest to find a stable environment to raise their children.    Partnering with many charities, churches and social services organizations throughout Florida, SAS is approaching the challenge of homelessness from a holistic approach.  Providing an apartment will not solve all of the challenges these families are facing, so we are working to assist with education, employment, furniture and case management to help them become self-sufficient once again.  “I am so thankful to be out of the motel and for this opportunity to provide my family a safe place to live” says Amy Larson; one of the families currently in the New Moves Partnership.

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