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Secret Santa

The Southern Affordable Services Secret Santa visited again this year. Filled with joy and generosity, this Secret Santa’s sole mission was to ensure that every child who moved in under the New Moves Partnership Program this year had something to excite them this holiday season. The New Moves Partnership Program allows families such as Angie’s to start over again when life has taken a wrong turn. Angie was the victim of domestic violence and was left homeless with no place to turn when she was referred to Southern Affordable Services (SAS) for their New Moves Program. In partnership with the Department of Children and Families, SAS was able to provide Angie and her children a fresh start and a new home. “Without this program I don’t know where we would have turned,” Angie said. “We couldn’t have asked for more from the New Moves program and now this! Thanks to this gift card my kids will have a tree and presents. I couldn’t be more thankful!” This year SAS’ Secret Santa was able to assist nearly 50 children with their holiday wishes by providing gift cards ranging from $200-$400 for each family. This marks the fifth year of this generous donation for the New Moves families; based on the looks on their faces, we hope it isn’t the last.

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